London Mistress Sapphire of Edgware, London

My rates are 90 minutes for £150 or 60 minutes for £120. Both these sessions are followed by 30-minutes wind-down time, during which you may have a shower and a drink and generally prepare yourself for your return to the outside world. To extend your session beyond this, the rate is £50 per extra 30 minutes.

Please note that I will not do an extended session on a first time visit.

I am happy to discuss your needs on the phone, so as to ensure our compatibility, but will not enter into extended masturbatory conversations. Be aware that I do not suffer fools gladly, nor do I tolerate rudeness.

I do not work to your script, but will listen to your suggestions regarding your preferred scenario.

Orgasm Control

If you desire it, and I believe you have earned it, an orgasm can be part of your session.  You will be restrained, helpless on my bondage bed and I will bring you to a shuddering climax, milking you of every last drop, in whatever way I decide.  I will be in control at all times and heaven help you if you climax without my permission.

Chastity training and keyholding

Please be aware that I do not enter into a contract of chastity training or keyholding lightly. You need to be absolutely sure that this is the path you want to go down before you contact me. If you have no idea what these terms mean, please research online and do not ask me to explain them to you personally. My rate for this depends on the level of maintenance required.