London Mistress Sapphire of Edgware, London


The word dungeon evokes images of a dark, dank gloomy place. The word playroom on the other hand seems frivolous and childish. I therefore refer to the place where I session as my chamber. It is well appointed and fully equipped with everything I need for my pleasure and your edification.

Please note all sessions are conducted in my chamber, I do not session from a domestic setting, stables or ruined abbeys

I have an extensive range of CP implements, which you may sample whilst strapped to my Fetters whipping bench. For those into needle play I have a wide selection to choose from. For those who enjoy breath control, restriction and bondage, not only do I have a custom made heavy duty bondage frame, I also have numerous leather and rubber hoods, a leather straitjacket, leather and rubber bodybags, leather harnesses, and all manner of collars and cuffs, spreader bars, handcuffs, etc…

My electrical equipment includes an Erostec 312, Violet Wand with at least 20 electrodes, several Tens machines, two PES and Folsom boxes, remote and static E-stim boxes, Fettered Pleasures CBT board, and electrical urethral sounds.

To delight the anal slut I have electrical as well the more conventional butt plugs, vibrators, dildos and of course the essential strap-on. Add to this an F-Machine with a male masturbation attachment called Rocky plus another device called a Powerful Thrusting Sex Machine and the possibilities are endless! And last but far from least there is my Fetters bondage chair with detachable dildo.

For CBT enthusiasts, being strapped face-down for treatment on my Dungeon Pleasures bondage bench with strategically placed removable panel is an experience not to be missed.

For the sissy maid or slut, although I am unable to keep a large stock of items, I do have a selection of shoes, wigs, dresses, lingerie and make-up.

I will not attempt to list everything down to the last ball gag, pin wheel or suction cup, but I am sure my range of equipment and toys will fully meet your expectations.