Flagellation…..Such a lovely word don’t you agree? Makes a lovely shape in the mouth as you say it.flogger 5b

It’s not a word we hear so much these days.  It can refer to many types of flogging, whipping and beating but is probably most associated with flogging.

It has an historical connotation to it.  Perhaps because some religious groups used it in days gone by as a form of penitence, or a demonstration of piety and devotion.

Whatever the origins and manifestations of flogging over the years, I’ve found that in a BDSM context it can have a highly therapeutic effect.  The subject will rightly suffer for their misdemeanours or sins, but as well as punishing them the flogging will give a sense of purification, cleansing their conscience and relieving them of their burden of guilt.

But enough of the philosophy!  You can see I have plenty of floggers to choose from.  Which one do you think you’ll get?  So difficult to choose.  You may just get a dose of all of them!

Come and experience flagellation therapy with me.  Your body and mind will certainly feel the benefit!