London Mistress Sapphire – The Strict but Caring Aunt


Every naughty niece and nephew needs a strict but caring Auntie. She is kind and understanding, and gives you lots of cuddles when you deserve them. But she will not hesitate to put you across her knee and use her hand, slipper or hairbrush on your bottom for your misdeeds. If she feels it necessary she will bare your bottom for the remedial treatment. Remember, it is all for your own good.

Whatever you have done or neglected to do, whatever your dark little secrets (maybe you have been rummaging through her underwear drawer?) be sure she will find out and do her very best to set you back on the straight and narrow. Even if that means you having to wear frilly panties and stockings and – adding to your humiliation – having the panties taken down for a good spanking. Whatever the punishment, be sure you will be sent home with a thoroughly warmed and glowing backside, knowing that you have learned the error of your ways.

Other variations on this iconic role can be guardian, mother-in-law, landlady, stepmother, and next door neighbour.