London Mistress Sapphire – Interrogation


Commandant Sapphire can extract information from the most unwilling captive. A skilled exponent of the most advanced interrogation techniques, combining both psychological and physical methods, She uses threats, breath control, sensory deprivation, verbal abuse, stress positions, humiliation, torture and corporal punishments of all kinds to get whatever information she believes the subject to possess. She does not stop until the subject has given up his or her secrets and fully confesses, no matter how many tools (clamps, needles, electrics, canes, hot wax, etc.) are needed to extract the confession.

Sessions will of course vary from individual to individual, but once stripped naked, hooded and strapped into the bondage chair, a novice may typically be subject to a relatively mild torture. With the more experienced, treatment may include various forms of orgasm denial, where s/he is continually stimulated over and over again to the brink of release, then kept in a state of extended arousal. The interrogation may be continued past the climax, particularly if the subject orgasms without divulging the information or without the Commandant’s permission.

The length, type and severity of the interrogation will vary according to Commandant Sapphire’s estimation of the subject’s needs and experience. Once the subject has been broken and his or her secrets divulged, the session will still continue up to the allotted time.