Sister Sapphire

London Mistress Sapphire – Sister Sapphire


Sister Sapphire, Mother Superior and Grand Inquisitor of the notoriously severe Order of Female Flagellators, is a rather unconventional nun. Beneath her plain black vestments, there is an occasional glimpse of sheer black silk stockings and high stiletto heels. Nevertheless, she knows exactly how to make you repent your wicked behaviour and bring you back to the paths of righteousness.

Sister Sapphire relishes extracting embarrassing confessions by whatever means she judges necessary. She is quick to apply a cane or paddle to scourge the bottom of a wayward soul, eager to apply clamps or electrodes to the nipples of the transgressor. When necessary she straps the penitent to a special bondage table or punishment chair so that she can access his or her most sensitive parts at her leisure. No methods are too painful or humiliating if the sinner is to be saved.

You will suffer at her hands. And be grateful that after you have prostrated yourself at Sister Sapphire’s feet and confessed your sins, after you have submitted to her cruel but necessary treatment, and been forced to do penance and purge yourself of your wrongdoing, you will leave her presence a true penitent.

Mother Superior knows you’re inferior
Penance and punishment she will inflict
Whip you and scourge you
Cure you and purge you
Teach you your place with her strap and her stick