Lady of The Manor

London Mistress Sapphire – Lady of The Manor


Presiding as she does over a large household with many staff, it is her custom after her morning ride, for her to deal personally with any disrespectful or disobedient household servants.

Exhilarated by a bracing gallop astride her stud stallion Rampant, still veiled and in her riding habit and spurred boots, she is in exactly the right mood to mete out whatever punishment she deems appropriate for a flighty and precocious parlourmaid or a feckless footman.

Being a dedicated horsewoman, dressage whips and many crops of different sizes and weights are at her disposal, and she takes great delight in using them to ensure the improvement of her menial’s manners and demeanour.

To this end she has been known to harness and bridle wayward staff who arouse her displeasure, or command the oral polishing of her leather riding boots…