Interrogation Story 1

Commandant Sapphire stood between the two captives and looked from one to the other. Both were sitting on wooden chairs. Both had their ankles tied to the chair legs, their thighs pulled apart. Both had their wrists cuffed behind the chair backs. Both wore ball gags, their mouths distended by the black rubber spheres. Both looked at her with terrified eyes. Both were naked. But only one had an erection. And only one had large curvaceous breasts and a pouting vagina.

How ironic that, just two hours ago, when the security police had taken them in their supposed safe house, that erection had been thrusting in and out of that vagina, in celebration, or so they had thought, of a successful mission. And what folly to think that they could withhold the last piece of the puzzle from Commandant Sapphire.

The bottoms pressed into the hard wooden seats were crimson and covered in wheals. Each had watched as the other had been secured over a bench and paddled, then strapped, and then caned mercilessly. For most the powerful strokes of Commandant Sapphire’s muscular arms would be enough to drag forth any secrets they held, but these two had withstood the corporal punishment. She had decided to change tactic.

All four nipples now wore tiny clamps, the metallic teeth biting into the engorged flesh. The woman’s nipples, particularly, were distended and purple. They had been made to understand that they were not coming off until Commandant Sapphire had the information she was after. But still they were not ready to talk.

Now the iron fist was back inside the velvet glove. The man’s penis was rock hard because Commandant Sapphire’s leather-gloved fingers had manipulated it, expertly masturbating him. He had almost come, but release was to be denied. Six times, so far, he had been on the edge, only for the fingers to be pulled away at the last moment, leaving him groaning into the ball gag. But then, when asked each time if he would give up the location of the other safe houses, in return for a blissful explosion, he had grunted and shook his head violently.

So now it was her turn. Running her hands through the woman’s long brown hair, Commandant Sapphire looked straight into her wide and frightened eyes. Reaching into the side pocket of her camouflage combat trousers, Commandant Sapphire pulled out a vibrator, waving it in the spy’s face. ‘Don’t worry, my dear’ she whispered, ‘this won’t hurt a bit. In fact, I think you’re rather going to enjoy it…’

Holding the plastic phallus in her left hand, the cream-coloured plastic a sharp contrast with the jet black leather of her glove, the expert interrogator turned the dial on its base with the fingers of her right. A resonant buzzing filled the interrogation room, the only sound other than the heavy breathing of the two helpless captives. The woman’s eyes filled with tears as she stared at the tool. Commandant Sapphire raised her eyebrows, no need to ask the question again. The girl sobbed and lowered her eyes, shaking her head violently. ‘Your choice’ she said, her resigned tone making it clear that either prisoner could bring this to an end right now.

Grabbing a fistful of the woman’s hair, Commandant Sapphire yanked her head back hard. Ignoring the muffled moan of protest, she ran the tip of the vibrator over her victim’s belly, smiling with sadistic pleasure as she saw the shivers which ran through the naked woman’s body at the contact, knowing that would be nothing compared to what was coming. Seconds later the hard plastic was being pushed against the softer flesh of the prisoner’s sex. Inside her, the tension started to build.

Five minutes later, she was a nervous, sobbing wreck. For the third time she had been taken close, only to have the vibrator cruelly snatched away at the last second. ‘Ready to talk, my dear?’ Commandant Sapphire whispered into her ear. The prisoner did not have the strength to lift her head, but still managed to shake it. ‘Too bad’ said the Commandant, with a theatrical sigh. ‘It looks like you’re going to be quivering on the edge for quite some time’.

But as the vibrator was touching the swollen sex once more, there was a shout from the man, who had been watching everything with growing anxiety and wide eyes. Commandant Sapphire continued to work the sex toy against the labia as she looked at him. ‘What’s that? Are you going to tell me? How gallant – you can’t watch your lady suffer anymore!’ The man tried to shout something through his ball gag, but he was too agitated and too well secured for it to make any sense. A second later his cock, which had remained hard and twitching as he watched his co-conspirator being sexually tortured, exploded. Thick jets of white semen shot from its swollen head, running down his shaft and pooling around the stem.

Commandant Sapphire watched with detached disinterest, until the woman started twitching underneath her. The vibrator, which had been placed directly on her clitoris, had done its work. The naked woman followed the man’s lead, and came with an almighty scream through her own ball gag. Before her body had stopped spasming, Commandant Sapphire moved to the man, unbuckled his gag and pulled it roughly from his mouth. She placed her ear next to his head and smiled as he croaked the information she had been after.

Stepping away from them, the Commandant put the vibrator back in her pocket, and went to her vast selection of canes. She selected one of the longest and thickest, a type usually reserved for court-ordered floggings in Far East countries. The prisoners looked at it with terror. Then their eyes met hers. ‘Oh, you think that because I broke you, that’s it? I’m afraid not. Apart from the fact you’re still spies who need to be taught a lesson, you also broke the cardinal rule of my Chambers. You came without permission. And that can only mean one thing – a double judicial. I think I shall have you side by side, on the long bench – yes, what a pretty picture that will make!’

Commandant Sapphire smiled as the naked man and woman began to sob….

This story is credited to robert.