London Mistress Sapphire of Edgware, London

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Julia – Sep 2015

I first met Mistress Sapphire in 2010.  Up until this time I had never met a pro-domme before.  Being rather nervous at first I was fortunate to visit her some four times during this initial 18 month period.  Being a Submissive TV who enjoys being dressed as a TV, or sissy Maid I was probably not certain what sort of sessions I was looking to pursue.  I had always had an interest in BDSM or restraint and this interest had been present prior to my innocent traverse into Cross-Dressing.  Those first four sessions where such an important experience for me and I enjoyed them immensely.
Almost four years had passed and I was due to visit London again for leisure.  Not having had the full chance to re-acquaint myself with Mistress Sapphire I thought it was a useful opportunity to enquire about arranging a convenient time to meet her once more.  We arranged a time and so I ensured I had all my correct clothes and accessories with me or my travels to London.

Upon meeting her and with a general chat to set everything in motion I retired to get changed into my Black Maids Uniform, with lace top black stockings attached with suspenders , garters,  a black bra and some nice frilly pink knickers.  I put a smattering of make up on and my nice little blonde bob wig.  Petticoats, a white frilly apron and some nice simple 3 inch black strapped shoes completed the uniform…I walked through to knock on the entrance to her chamber…deep breath…”Come in”…I enter…

From those earlier sessions a few years ago she left off as if nothing had happened, but of course it had…in our role play scenario I was an errant maid who had escaped her services, until recently and had been captured by one of her associates…She was going to teach me the error of my ways…
She commenced by inspecting my uniform and proceeded to see how excited I was, quickly lifting my petti-coated dress to take hold of me.  “Your excited, aren’t you?”.  “Yes Maam”, came my stuttering reply….She weaved an intricate web and led me into knowing that I was now due for some suitable punishment for trying to escape.  The punishment would take a variety of forms and commenced with her running  her fingers lightly around my vulnerable areas, I was rather aroused and she just looked deep into my eyes…stating….”you belong to me…I own you…”

After the initial inspection she then instructed me to kneel over her fetters bench.  Further inspection at first and then slowly she decided to strap me down to the bench, ankles, thighs and over my back.  Only my hands were free, but that was not much use, she had me in a rather delicate position proceeding to spank me smartly at first and then some form of crop.  The session was rather arousing and she knew she had me secured without any option to escape. Her hands did their wandering and I was in sub-heaven!

Next I was released and then made to stand in front her so she could tie my sissy clit bits together in order to tug and control me further.  This was quite overwhelming and she made me kneel in front of her whilst she was seated.  She held the cords attached to me and told me of my misdemeanour’s, occasionally pulling at the cords for full effect.  I could not escape, do anything

As the session moved on I was then strapped to the punishment bed, ankle and wrist secure I was her prey.  She played with me both in mind and physical before attaching something to my sissy clitty again.  I quickly found out…it was an e-stim machine and she clearly enjoyed seeing me squirm and struggle further, pulling at my bonds it was no use.  I was hers to play with, she knew it, I knew it and the dial kept being increased for her pleasure….and my discomfort.

She finished the session with the appropriate torment of me physically and verbally.  She ensured I was made to climax in the way she wanted, looking into my eyes telling me what a little slut I was and how she would decide who used me in future…It was a very intense session and something I very much appreciated.

A wash and clean up followed by a cup of tea and choccie biscuit and we parted company.  After a few years gap I was pleased to meet her again.  She really is a top notch domme who is very pleasant and someone who knows what she is doing,  someone I hope to see again soon.

Name = Nick 24/3/15

A great introductory session with Mistress Sapphire today. She is the perfect mature, experienced mistress – warm, friendly and welcoming, while at the same time strict and firm. She took me through a range of experiences in her well-equipped chamber, with the high spots definitely the bondage and electrics. I think I was let off a little lightly as it was our first session together and I can’t wait for a return visit, when I’m sure the punishment will be more severe but the welcome just as delightful!

Clive = 20/3/15

It has taken me a week to return to a state where I can look back objectively at my first session with Mistress Sappphire.  That’s not because the physical impact was so severe but because the engagement with the redoubtable Mistress Sapphire had such a profound impact but in the best possible way.

Others have described the care and solicitude with which she handles her clients, the chance to contemplate before committing, the clear precise instructions and the sense that you are handing your body and mind over to a woman who has a careful honed instinct for saying and doing exactly the right thing at the right time. I can only confirm that from my own experience all the testimonials have the ring of truth.

It might sound odd to write of care and solicitude in the very explicit circumstances in which the session progresses but over and above the tea and biscuits wind down there was indeed a great feeling of care and consideration as if the session were being expertly paced to climax at the supreme moment.  The time flew by but at no point did the session seem hurried or forced.  Mistress Sapphire will give exactly what you have asked for and maybe a little bit more. It is that “little bit more” that makes her the consummate professional.

Name = R  5/12/14

‘Mistress Sapphire is an expert on the strange needs of those of us who desire nothing more than a good bottom smacking. Whether it is the gentle ilk of the over the knee, trousers down type or a good hard thrashing over her bench with a sturdy cane this lovely lady can satisfy all tastes. She combines a no nonsense approach with kindness and consideration and from headmistress to governess to policewoman all her many roles have a high degree of truth. You enter your chosen scene and Mistress Sapphire fulfils it in spades. This lady has bared my bottom in a variety of guises and whether it was strap, birch, or cane which gave the savage kisses to my behind the result was always the same. A satisfying warmth to my cheeks and an inner peace to my being, delivered by a consummate dominant at the top of her profession. And you get tea and biscuits as you are cooling down. As the old song goes – who could ask for anything more.’

Name = Chris 24/4/14


It was my first visit to you and my first visit to a dominatrix, what a revelation!
You were wonderful you were firm you were professional and most of all you were caring.
For anyone unsure please take my advice and make that call you will be cared for and stretched by a wonderful woman. I will be returning

Thank you so much

Name = Tony 19/3/14

Ah’ ten, ‘Thank you Ma’am.’

Just over 24 hours ago I was laying naked across Mistress Sapphire’s bench and being given the cane. Ten stokes, as I’d chosen the ten of spades from a pack of cards!

I was met at the door by Mistress, having been given clear instructions on how to find her house.

Very quickly I was in her punishment room and following a few formalities, it was our first meeting, was over her knee and about to be given the first of two thorough spankings.

With Mistress Sapphire you’re left in no doubt who is in charge. She looks both imposing and feminine.

An experienced Mistress, she knows how to press the right buttons and as my rear can testify will leave you with a ‘thoroughly warmed and glowing bottom.’

Ma’am allowed me to climax before I left. The effect she had on me ensured that it didn’t take long!

If you are looking for a mature Mistress give her a call. You wont be disappointed

Name = David 10/2/2014

“I had viewed Mistress Sapphire’s website numerous times but for various reasons mainly due to making last minute arrangements any time I was in London visited other mistresses. Eventually in January 2014, I sent an e mail and was instructed to telephone Mistress Sapphire so she could assess my suitability for punishment.

I telephoned as instructed and that in itself was quite intimidating making me feel from that moment this woman was in control. She asked me direct questions and discussed the role and punishment to be administered. We agreed my requirements dictated severe corporal punishment by a well dressed authoritarian female using various implements including a well soaked birch which was an item of correction I had never endured. I was given directions as to how to attend and she finished off by saying “just enjoy sitting down without pain for the next few days”. Initially I was a bit apprehensive at having to phone and explain myself however on reflection it is a great idea, it gave Mistress Sapphire the opportunity to assess me and vice versa, in reality my fantasy started that day, for the next few days I had sleepless nights in anticipation of what my fate was going to be.

As instructed I telephoned on arrival at her nearest Tube Station which is a nice area and was given directions to Mistress Sapphire’s chambers where she answered the door dressed in a figure hugging blouse, tight black skirt, wearing black seamed stockings and high heels. She was more attractive and intimidating than her website impressions and she immediately left me in no doubt that from that time I was under her control and her responsibility.

There was no messing about, she very quickly established a few preliminary issues about health and any likes, dislike or requirements and I stupidly said that she could do whatever she wanted and punish me as severely as she wished. Maybe not a good idea on reflection however what followed was a lesson in respect for women and this impressive woman which I will never forget.

She instructed me to strip naked, bend over the punishment bench and to refer to her as ma’am at all times. She was obviously aware of my fascination for her stocking clad legs and positioned the mirror so that I could see her shapely legs as she administered the countless strokes of the Lochgelly tawse, whips, paddles and of course the birch which I had requested. Being naked and in the bent over position having punishment inflicted to my bared buttocks whilst having to look at her legs was a sort of attribution punishment which has had a lasting effect on me every time I stare at females legs. This was real effective punishment and ma’am knew that.

She was very alert to the effect each item has and made sure I was given 20 strokes of the birch early on as in her own words if she did it later I would be numbed and would not benefit from the full stinging and punitive effects of the heavy soaked birch.

The birch was a bit messy as regards branches coming off however it certainly stung like nothing else I’ve experienced and I was determined not to crack and accept the full force of Mistress Sapphire’s punishment.

The punishment kept coming with a multitude of implements being used after the birch, I started moving around and writhing so she restrained me tightly to the bench and continued beating me ignoring my squeals and moans. Ma’am kept re-iterating it was for my own good and required me to accept whatever was coming, eventually I was broken and crying and said I couldn’t take anymore, we hadn’t agreed a safe word so she asked if that was it. I said I was sorry and was struggling with the pain so she told me I was required to accept another 20 strokes of the XH Lochgelly Tawse without noise otherwise it would be doubled. That was extremely painful as she used her full strength to ensure I received the full pain at the end of my punishment.

Mistress Sapphire released me from my bonds and allowed me to stand up which was rather difficult because I was shaking, she then humiliated me by instructing me to relieve myself and administered soothing ointments to my well striped and marked buttocks.

It took me about 20 minutes to clam down during which time Mistress Sapphire sat talking and seemed to enjoy reflecting on the session.

I have never been beaten so hard and controlled by such an attractive woman and I must thank you Mistress Sapphire for severely dealing with me and giving me a lesson I will never forget, I will be back for more.”

Name: Bottom Marks
Mistress Sapphire is a gem. I was unsure of whether I could handle a judicial, so had a judicial as a semi. So a judicial, but with a safe word. Sadly, she only caned me at about 80% of her outright strength (in her opinion), but that was still very tough. When I used the safe word, after a rest she put that straight as well over a small wadger of £20. I had to give her £20 extra for being late ( that she would put to good use with the charity work she does)and it would reduce by £1 for every proper full force stroke I took. As I was warmed up I managed 11, but I suffered over the next week or so.If you want a fantastic service, see Mistress Sapphire. She knows how to wield a cane alright, and when its all over is lovely to talk to as well.

Name: Peter 16/11/2010
A fabulous lady. Fun to be with and an enjoyable conversationalist. Mistress Sapphire also happens to be a dab hand with a cane and her trusty slipper. Gentle(ish) with beginners and supremely understanding of your needs, I am sure Mistress is capable of being as harsh as necessary for the more experienced player.If you are thinking “maybe”, then just make the call and visit Mistress Sapphire. you will not be disappointed.

Name: Slipperjohn 16/11/2010
Very impressed with the new website.( now the old one, insert by MS) I have always enjoyed the pictures of Mistress Sapphire in her various roles.
Unfortunately i have never had the opportunity to pay Mistressa visit. However i did have the wonderful experience of a phone domination session recently.
Mistress Sapphire played my favourite role of Strict Aunt. Very strict she was too, very imaginitive and believable as well. I thoroughly enjoyed it and am now even more determined to pay her a visit to experience the real thing.

Name: Julia 18/11/2010
I have met Mistress Sapphire on two occasions this year. I had never met a Pro Domme before. I gave her a ring on her mobile and we had a good chat about what it is I would like to get out of the session. What I liked is that she allowed me to discuss the situation and then said to me “give it a couple of days to think over and if you want to go through with it give me a ring”. There was no pressure, just solid advice. I made the first appointment to meet her in Summer 2010 and although I was looking forward to the appointment I had to confess to being off my food for a few days before. Daft but there you go.

I arrived on the early summer evening and was met by a wonderfully dressed woman. Dressed in Black leather long skirt and corset to match, with white blouse, she looked great with that certain authority look. I had asked her if I could arrive and then after a discussion about our session that I could then get dressed as a maid in one of my favourite uniforms. I was looking for some form of light bdsm and restraint. She was forgiving of me although gave me a dozen spankings on my bare backside when on entry my seamed stockings were not fully straight. I also had to endure a bit of a spanking when I did not courtesy correctly. I really enjoyed being spread-eagled on the bed and she took great pleasure in teasing and testing my will.

My second session was a few months later and I had a similar but more intense session than the first. She really got into humiliating me and she let her hands wander and on discovery I was rather excited she took great pleasure in seeing me squirm and wriggle. She put me over the bench and made me understand the true feeling of vulnerability as she probed me from behind. Pulling my sissy panties down she then also gave me a bit of a spanking. I was made to kneel, or crawl to her and was then ordered to kiss her feet, leg, calf and thigh. I started to realise she was probably enjoying this as much as I was.

The final part was when she then put me in a nice head harness with gag. Occasional fondling kept me excited and she knew I was putty in her hands. Or put it this way by now what ever state I was in, I truly belonged to her, and she took great delight in telling me this once I was then strapped down onto the bed so that she could continue my punishments. Looking into her eyes as she had showed no sign of remorse throughout the session I acted my part, making the right noises. I thoroughly enjoyed these experiences and look to visit her again in the future. I wanted to become vulnerable, excited, at her mercy, restrained, gagged, spanked and above all under her utter control. I got that in abundance and no more summed up when strapped onto the bed, extremely aroused she just whispered the very words, and so true, “you belong to me now”, and she meant it, and boy, I mean sissy, did I just know that from now on!

A mature skilled Pro Domme, no wannabe she is the real deal!

Name: Duncan 7/12/2011
For many years I thought about meeting a Dominatrix and Disciplinarian and finally plucked up the courage to do so, and boy am I glad that it was Mistress Sapphire that I chose to meet. After speaking to Mistress Sapphire for 10-15 minutes I knew immediately she was the correct choice for my first experience as I felt she answered my questions honestly and intelligently and with her dry sense of humour any apprehension I might of had disappeared quickly.\nObviously each session anyone has with Mistress Sapphire will be different so I won’t go into details, but as soon you look into her eyes you will know immediately who is in charge. During the ninety minute session I had booked with her I cursed myself for not visiting Mistress Sapphire earlier in my life – Oh and never address Mistress Sapphire incorrectly or your body WILL pay for that error!

Name: MARCO 11/6/2012
Last week thanks to Mistress Sapphire I experienced the best session in my life as submissive. First of all Mistress Sapphire made me feel at easy, but at the same time totally devoted and under her control. The session which I requested involved ball busting and when I was asked if I wanted to use a safe word I said no, I trust you mistress. She was excellent in everything she did to me. I can only recommend her and can not wait to be controlled by her again. Marco.

Name: Steve 14/6/2012
I have seen Mistress Sapphire on many occasions and I have yet to meet anyone who can compete with her confidence, authority and technique as an ‘old school’ disciplinarian. Whenever I report to her for review and punishment she leaves no doubt as to who is in charge. One look into her eyes – and she is an expert at transfixing you with her steely gaze – leaves no doubt as to who calls the shots. Not only does she completely understand your motivations for being there, but she also has a well developed questioning technique which leads you to the point where you completely agree that you should be soundly punished! Highly sensitive to your needs, she will understand your motivations and apply both judgement and punishment in an inventive and authoritarian manner. Although she doesn’t suffer fools gladly, if you are straight with her she will deliver exactly what you need and you will leave already thinking about your next visit.

Name: Steven 12/10/2012
I have just returned from experiencing a semi judicial punishment duly delivered, in accordance with the Court’s order, by the experienced and diligent hand of Senior Corrections Officer Sapphire.From the time of first meeting Ma’am, I easily fell into character, due to her ability to convey her genuineness and credibility within a look and the utterance of a few almost whispered words. My throat became dry, my palms wet and my heart beat heavily in my chest as I entered her Chamber.My physical responses were justified as I was restrained and disciplined by an attractive, uniformed lady whose expertise with the administration of the paddle, tawse and cane is without equal.I now have a well disciplined bottom and a satisfied feeling of having been dealt with to my total satisfaction by an expert exponent of the disciplinary art.

Name: Mark 28/3/2013
Auntie Sapphire got a note about my behaviour at home and how she has been asked to discipline me. Suddenly this 50 year old guy was made to feel 12 once more before feeling the force of auntie’s hand and slipper. I was sent home with the warning that there is now a slipper with my name on it and that it will be a good deal harder next time! It has done me a power of good this afternoon.I think there should be much more on the site about what an excellent disciplinarian Mistress Sapphire is. She understood my need perfectly.

Name = David

Date = 31/July/2013

Ma’am makes me strip, orders me over her bench and secures my ankles and wrists.

She will finger me and take me from behind, forcefully but with due care, occasionally upping the tempo and the weight of her thrusts to remind me who is in charge, as if I need a reminder – it is always her.

She makes me kneel before her to worship at her feet.

She ties my penis and balls and torments and teases me in dozens of inventive ways.

She puts me in bondage and penetrates me and plays with me, all for her own pleasure and satisfaction – because she wants to do it.

Ma’am ties me and frees me, she plays with me and punishes me, she shows me loving care and makes clear I am there for her amusement and pleasure. If this sounds like a set of paradoxes, it is. Ma’am is a wonderful domme, a lovely person and an important part of my life. You will not regret letting her into yours. I cannot wait until I see her again.