Fifties Style Lady Disciplinarian in Bristol

MS4eAnd so to Bristol for a get together with long standing friends, Mistress Eve and Master Black, plus other like minded people at The Cellar.

I decided that I would dress in the style of a 1950’s Lady Disciplinarian.  You probably know the type.  She’s the type of lady who needs no leather, no rubber, has no need to raise her voice but carries a clear air of authority wherever she goes.

You may recall someone like that from your youth.  Perhaps she was your mother’s friend, an aunt, or someone similar.  You didn’t know what it was about her, but you knew that you would do precisely what she told you or there would be dire consequences.

You may even have fantasised about being disciplined by her – perhaps a spanking or a slippering, or even a caning if you had been really naughty.

Come and indulge your fantasy!

Fifties Style Lady Disciplinarian in Bristol