London Mistress Sapphire of Edgware, London

Apologies but at present I am only able to see existing clients.

First, a little about myself… I discovered my talent for – and great enjoyment of – the many facets of domination quite by accident at an early age. It was a revelation (and frankly a great relief!) to me to know that my need to control, discipline and dominate others was not an aberration, that I was not alone in feeling as I did, and that many perfectly respectable and intelligent men and women felt the need to submit to someone like me.

I am a mature, skilled professional and lifestyle Domina with many years experience. My manner is naturally dominant and controlling without ever being cold or harsh. I do not make idle threats. I rarely raise my voice. But on the rare occasions when I have to do so, this is always followed by the raising of my strong right arm!

As a dominatrix of the old school, I understand and enjoy not only the physical but also the psychological aspects of BDSM. I love the traditional methods of strict control and correction. One of my main passions is and has always been CP, at all levels from very mild to extremely severe. (To me, there is nothing more stimulating and satisfying than an upturned bottom awaiting the kiss of the cane…) But my talents are not confined solely to the application of corporal punishment. You will also find me very adept at the lighter, more sensual side of things.

I am happy to deal with all genuine submissives, from the total novice to the most experienced, be they single males, females or couples, regardless of gender and/or sexual orientation. I always respect limits but expect the submissive to endeavour to please me by pushing those limits to his or her utmost.

I require and expect respect, discretion, cleanliness and strict punctuality at all times. Show proper respect and politeness and I will respond in the same way. I am always approachable, but do not mistake common courtesy for a sign of weakness

Cleanliness and hygiene are of paramount importance to me, as is your safety and wellbeing. Throughout your time with me you will be in very safe, experienced and capable hands.

If what you have seen here strikes a chord deep within you, if you feel that I am what you have been seeking, and if you believe that you can indeed measure up to my high standards, you may contact me.