The Dark Side

London Mistress Sapphire – The Dark Side


The Real Me

Whilst abasing yourself before me, your leather-clad Mistress, fully harnessed and wearing only a slave collar and cuffs, you will know instinctively that this is your destiny – to be kneeling helpless and enslaved at the feet of a truly strong and naturally dominant woman.

As you feel the nipple clamps start to bite and your restraints tighten, my dark eyes staring remorselessly into yours, quite without mercy, rejoicing in the suffering which you must endure for my pleasure.

But this is only the beginning. What lies ahead? Maybe you will be strapped across my punishment bench, waiting to feel the probing intrusions of my various dildos, perhaps even my strap-on. Or lying blindfolded, listening to the crackle of the violet wand, not knowing where or when you will next feel its power.

Or you may be shackled, spreadeagled, every part of your naked body totally exposed and vulnerable to my cruel whims.

Whilst respecting your limits, I will push you to extend those limits ever further so as to explore your darkest fantasies, dealing with you in the manner you have always secretly craved….