Headmistress Story 2

London Mistress Sapphire – Headmistress Story 2 – written by Mistress Sapphire

Ever since you first enrolled at the school, you had heard the stories going around about the severity with which the Headmistress punished older boys and girls in the fifth and sixth forms. They never failed to give you a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, together with – strangely – a little thrill of excitement.

The general concensus of opinion was that she was not one to spare the rod, and that anyone unlucky enough to be sent to her private chambers for committing even the smallest misdemeanour was in for a very painful time. You had only visited her there once, and that – thank goodness – was only to deliver a conduct report from the French mistress regarding the bad behaviour of a fifth year pupil. But the sight of her well-used collection of canes, tawses and straps was imprinted indelibly on your mind.

Only two more days to go now, and then the glorious freedom of the summer holidays. When you returned next term you too would be in the fifth form, and subject to the ministrations of the dreaded Headmistress. You hoped with all your heart that your skillfully forged letters purporting to be from your guardian and excusing you from PE would never come to light.

The first morning of the new term drags unbearably. The holidays already seem a distant memory. Running down the corridor at lunchtime you skid around a corner and are brought up short by an imposing black-clad figure, standing in your path with folded arms and holding a piece of paper which looks strangely familiar. It is Headmistress Sapphire and she has a stony and unforgiving look on her face. ‘You, boy’, she says. ‘I have been reading your handiwork. You have a talent for fiction I see. You will report to me after class…..’