Manners Maketh the Man – The Ethos of the Fifties Disciplinarian

005d‘Manners Maketh the Man!’  Do you know the saying?  Well if you don’t, you should!  And I’m not just talking about saying please and thank you.

I’ve been noting the poor standard of manners in current times, particularly the number of men who seem to be completely unaware of the way they should conduct themselves in the presence of a lady.  As we all know, good manners cost nothing. But more than that, when it comes to how a man behaves in front of a lady it demonstrates his courtesy, consideration and most importantly respect for her as a lady.

For example, do you stand up when a lady enters the room?  Do you hold open the car door for a lady to get in and out?  Do offer her your seat on the bus or train if there is a lady without a seat, particularly if she is elderly, or wearing heels? Do you avoid coarse language when ladies are present?

When growing up in the 1950s, being cheeky, impolite or simply having bad manners would have earned you at least a clip round the ear and something much stronger if you failed to learn your lesson.  This discipline was a societal norm and could be dispensed by your mother, aunt, neighbour or friend of the family.

Well, you may not have grown up in the fifties but that’s no excuse for not having good manners and you know you can do better.  Either consciously or unconsciously you’ve probably always craved that female authority that made you feel like a little boy again, being told off for your bad behaviour and disciplined accordingly.

I am expert at adopting the style of the 1950s lady disciplinarian and deal firmly with poor manners. However, as you are a grown up of course you can expect rather more than a clip round the ear! But then again, that’s precisely what you need, isn’t it?

So, are you a lout, coarse and ill-mannered in your behaviour? Or perhaps simply someone who needs a not so gentle reminder of the way you should behave?  Either way, come and see me and I’ll ensure that you have manners befitting not just a man but a gentleman. Rest assured, my fifties style discipline runs the full repertoire of methods from a hand spanking to a slippering, strapping, tawsing or caning, so you’ll get whatever level of correction is needed.

Contact me and I look forward to improving your behaviour!

Manners Maketh the Man – The Ethos of the Fifties Disciplinarian