Aunt Story 1

London Mistress Sapphire – Aunt Story 1 – written by Mistress Sapphire

I felt a small smile creep across my face as I put down the phone. My brother had just rung. He was going away on a business trip and taking his wife with him as an anniversary treat, and he wanted me to look after their son Jack – my nephew – while they were away because he was half way through his exams and they did not want those interrupted

I smiled as I imagined how I would discipline him. I knew Jack was basically a good boy, but to my mind he had always been overindulged by his doting parents. A few weeks with me, I thought, would see a major change in his attitude and demeanour. A strict regime of old fashioned corrective therapy would do him the world of good..

Jack’s wayward behaviour on the numerous occasions I had visited them was such that, if he had been my son, his backside would be permanently glowing red. They were ‘modern’ parents with progressive ideas. I had to bite my tongue sometimes, when they explained away his slovenly boorish manners, neanderthal personal hygeine and love of earsplitting rock music as ‘only expressing himself.’ Being grounded was the most severe punishment they ever imposed.

I laughed out loud now, thinking how I would express myself – with young Jack in a firm grip across my knee and my slipper raised above his bare backside. I am not a cruel woman, but I will not hesitate to take a strap or cane to him if I feel it warranted.

I have already decided on Jack’s timetable whilst in my care.┬áHe will start the day standing naked beside his bed while I examine the sheets for telltale signs of nocturnal fumblings. Any such stains will result in a good slippering. Then it is off to the bathroom for a cold shower before breakfast, and off to school.

School finishes at 3.30 so I will expect him home by 3.45. Then he will be sent straight up to his room to change into very tight, brief white gym shorts which he will wear while he gets on with his homework. The shorts ensure that I can keep my eye on him for any signs of arousal. If close inspection reveals evidence of lustful thoughts, not uncommon in boys of his age, this will be noted and dealt with after supper.

Supper dishes cleared away, he will be sent to his room, instructed to strip naked and position himself over two pillows with his bare bottom properly presented for punishment. After a suitable interval in which he may reflect on his behaviour and the punishment that must surely follow, I ascend the stairs slowly, leather strap in hand, taking my time, smiling in anticipation of the sheer pleasure to come…