The Light Side

London Mistress Sapphire – The Light Side


I know very well that not everyone who visits me will want to endure pain or leave with tell-tale marks that might be difficult to explain to others. But just as there is a dark side to what I do, there is also a lighter side.

Slave training can take many different forms, not all associated with harsh punishment, although obviously some elements taken from from the darkside (such as foot/shoe/leg worship, bondage, the use of gags/blindfolds/harnesses, etc) can form part of your session.

The Light Side may well suit novices or those with a lower pain threshold. A mild spanking will leave your backside glowing, but the redness will fade within an hour or so.

If you are new to BDSM, you may rest assured that I will lead and guide you through what may be your first session.

The one thing you can be certain of at all times is that you are in the safe hands of a very experienced and caring but no-nonsense Mistress.