Headmistress Story 1

London Mistress Sapphire – Headmistress Story 1 – written by Mistress Sapphire

In the privacy of your bedroom you winced as you gingerly felt the raised ridges across your bottom. The Dragon cane had hurt like hell when the Headmistress punished you that afternoon for gambling, and your buttocks still glowed. Nevertheless, your heart pounded with a strange excitement when you positioned yourself in front of the wardrobe mirror to get a better look at the well-defined purple stripes. And as your fingertips traced the swollen outline of each welt you were lost in the memory of what happened only a few hours earlier.

What was it about being punished by Headmistress Sapphire that somehow made you dread, yet almost look forward to being summoned to her office? Of course you knew that gambling was against the school rules, but the thought of taking such easy money from the younger kids far outweighed the threat of punishment if you were caught. There was an enclosed space behind the old outbuildings, left over from when your school was a grand mansion. For as long as you could remember there had been faded warning signs forbidding entry and no one ever went there. It was the perfect place for your little gambling den.

You prided yourself on your sleight of hand, and it was a very profitable little sideline until one of the snotty-nosed first year’s who’d just lost his dinner money spotted you dealing from the bottom of the deck. You didnt give it a second thought. But the little toad had gone snivelling to the Head and had told her about your lucrative extra-curricula activities. Headmistress Sapphire was a formidable woman, feared by all. You had been punished by her several times in the five years you had been at the school, and each occasion was still a vividly painful memory. When you were told to report to her immediately your heart sank.

On your way to her office you did your best to make yourself a bit more presentable – knotting your tie properly and tucking your shirt in, even though you knew nothing could save you from what was to come. As you stood quaking before her, she told you that you were to be dealt with in such a way that you would always equate the evils of gambling with a painful bottom. She explained that she was going to choose a number of implements to use on your bare behind. You, in turn, would draw a card which would determine the number of strokes you were to receive. And there was one variation. ‘Out of black or red, what is your favourite colour?,’ she asked. You replied, red. ‘Very well,’ she said. ‘For any black card you draw you will receive double the amount shown.’

She beckoned you to her and swiftly pulled down your trousers and pants, then sat down and pinioned you expertly across her knee. You felt the old familiar warmth and swelling in your groin as she spanked you soundly with her bare hand, praying she would not notice the giveaway hardness as it pressed against her thigh. When the warm-up spanking was over, she told you to stand and remove your trousers and underpants completely, making it impossible to hide your aroused condition. But she took no notice and began shuffling the cards.

You managed to pick an eight of diamonds – not too bad! She pointed to the spanking bench and told you to get in position over it. She then proceeded to give you eight of the hardest whacks you’d ever had with a slipper whose sole was worn smooth through constant disciplinary useage. Your hand was shaking as you nervously drew a card for the next round of punishment. It was the five of clubs. This according to her rules meant 10 whacks with the leather paddle she was now holding. Back over the bench you went to receive the ten strokes on your burning backside, again experiencing that same strange mixture of pleasure and pain.

You thought your luck was in when you drew your next card, a six of hearts. But you felt less lucky when she settled on a heavy-looking tawse. You bent over the bench again and assumed the all too familiar position. You took your six strokes writhing and squirming on the bench, your buttocks reduced to fiery globes, thanking her for each stroke. ‘And now for the dragon cane. This will be the end of your punishment. As you like gambling so much, you must hope Lady Luck is on your side.’

She explained that both of you were to pick a card, and if hers was a lower number than yours, you would only have to take half the amount of your number. You drew first and stared in disbelief at the king of clubs in your hand. Twenty-six strokes! Twenty-six of the dreaded dragon cane! You held your breath as she drew her card. When you saw her five of spades your sigh of relief must have been audible halfway down the corridor… The thirteen strokes felt like white-hot rods laid across your already tenderised flesh but you managed to endure them without crying out or disgracing yourself in any way…

And then it was over. Until the next time you transgressed, as you surely would. Safe in your room, in front of the mirror, you couldn’t help admiring Headmistress Sapphire’s handiwork. She was so accurate, with all the strokes confined to a relatively small area. Of course that only made it all the more painful. She was an expert all right…. The voice of your aunt calling you from downstairs brought you back to reality with a start: ‘Hurry up dear, supper is ready and Play Your Cards Right is just starting, I know you don’t like to miss it!