Aunt Story 3

London Mistress Sapphire – Aunt Story 3 – written by Mistress Sapphire

Your Aunty is a kind but no-nonsense type of woman. You have been over her knee and on the receiving end of her slipper many times, for various misdemeanours. Because of your age your punishment has always been quite mild, but something Aunty said on your last visit has brought butterflies to your stomach every time you think about it.

She told you quite matter-of-factly that the time had come to teach you the error of your ways, and that she would make sure you did not sit comfortably for a few days after she had next dealt with you. It was hard concentrating on your lessons when you were due to visit Aunty that evening. Apprehension turned strangely to excitment when you knocked on her door. Aunty opened it with a smile on her face and a wicked glint in her eyes. Once the door had closed behind you, you became very aware of the crook-handled cane hanging from the hook.

Aunty seemed pleased you had noticed it and handed it to you with the instruction: ‘Take this upstairs with you young man, and wait for me there.’ Your legs were like jelly as you climbed the stairs, your mind racing, trying to work out what you had done so wrong that warranted anything more than the usual sound spanking. Then you almost froze as it dawned on you that the top shelf magazine you had hidden in your school bag last week was not there the following day, after Aunty had looked inside to check that you had done your homework…..