Lady of The Manor Story 1

London Mistress Sapphire – Lady of The Manor Story 1 – written by Mistress Sapphire

When you got the job as stable boy at the manor, only a few weeks ago, the head coachman warned you that Lady Sapphire had her own special methods of dealing with wayward or lazy household staff – she insisted that the punishment must fit the crime and she always inflicted it personally. When you pressed him on what that meant, he said that all staff taken on had to sign a paper agreeing to be punished by way of a thrashing from her Ladyship for any misdemeanour whatsoever, or face instant dismissal without references.

Of course, without references there was no hope of ever getting another position. Punishments were always given after her Ladyship’s morning ride. Only the other day, he said, little Molly the kitchen maid was beaten soundly in the servants’ hall for spoiling a pot of broth. Her Ladyship had been livid. She ordered Molly to pull up her skirt and petticoats and lie across the kitchen table. Her drawers were then pulled down around her ankles and, as the other servants watched in awe, Lady Sapphire had picked up a large wooden spoon and started spanking Molly’s pertly rounded bottom cheeks with it.Despite the howls of pain and pleas for mercy, her Ladyship did not stop until Molly’s buttocks had turned a deep crimson hue and the girl had almost fainted away.

About an hour ago you had seen Lady Sapphire return from her ride. She had been out on her favourite stallion, Rampant, a handsome jet black beast standing over 17 hands. She was in a foul mood and even before dismounting she was barking at Harry, one of the grooms, about the slipshod manner with which he had cleaned Rampants tack before her ride, ordering him into an empty stall, and following him in with her slim black leather riding crop in her hand. Terrified yet fascinated, you peer through a gap in the planking of the door. You see Harry bent over a bale of straw with his breeches down and his bottom bared. Her Ladyship is wielding the crop with gusto. It hisses through the air and hits bare flesh with a sickening crack, and each time Harry jerks and groans with pain. Soon his sturdy buttocks are criss-crossed with crimson stripes, but still the cropping goes on.

Strangely enough her Ladyship seemed to be smiling, almost as though she was enjoying herself. At last she seemed to tire and, throwing down the crop, Lady Sapphire commanded Harry to kneel and beg forgiveness and thank her for his punishment. This he does without hesitation, even going so far as to grovel at her feet in an attempt to kiss her booted foot. She pushed him away from her with disdain: ‘Let that be a lesson to you. The next time I have to deal with you I will first ride you around the yard wearing Rampant’s saddle and bridle. Then I will use the crop again without mercy.’ You are just about to creep away when she turns and stares at the door, and your heart sinks when she shouts: ‘You boy, how dare you spy on your betters. Get in here at once….