scoI’ve been following the news stories about sexual harassment on public transport.  On a crowded train, tube or bus some men think they can get away with all sorts of completely unacceptable behaviour. A typical example might be the man who deliberately stands close behind a woman and presses or rubs himself against her hoping the overcrowding and motion of the train or bus makes it appear that he is not doing it deliberately.  There’s even a word for this type of behaviour, frotteurism!  I think it used to also be referred to as frottage, but apparently it is just frotteurism now.

It is of course totally unacceptable.  And I trust that no one reading this has actually done it.

But have you thought about doing it? Many men have thoughts about committing forbidden acts.  Perhaps in your case it is stealing ladies’ underwear from a washing line, or spying (in the manner of a ‘peeping Tom’) on a female neighbour undressing.

The danger of course is that rather than these just remaining as fantasies, you cross the line and actually carry them out.  One of the wonderful things about discipline is its deterrent effect.  You can come and confess these little fantasies to me and I will dispense discipline that will deter you from committing the act.

So, there’s no need to keep these dirty little secrets bottled up inside.  Come to see me in my role as police sergeant or correction officer and we’ll deal with your little problem!